Halloween Candy Carb List

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Frightened by the amount of carbs in Halloween candy? Me too! That’s why I put together this handy Halloween Candy Carb List. Armed with the carb counts of your favorite candies, it’s easier to find ways to work them into your lifestyle.

There are several ways you can indulge in your favorite treats and still keep your daily carb count low, including:

  • exercise a little more;
  • keep carbs low the rest of the day;
  • spread out your candy intake over several days.

Above all, use your judgement and listen to your body! If even a little bit of sugar tends to send you over the edge, stay away!

I sorted this Halloween Candy Carb List by low to high carb count and included carbs per serving and well as serving size. Enter your email below to download a set of printable lists sorted three ways: alphabetically, low to high carb count and high to low carb count.

New to the low carb lifestyle? Check out How to Get Started with Low Carb for some helpful tips.

Serving size and nutrition information updated as of September 2023.

Halloween Candy Carb List

Carbs/ServingCandy (serving size)
4gHershey’s Mr. Goodbar Miniatures (1 piece)
5gDubble Bubble Gum (1 piece)
5gHershey’s Special Dark Miniatures (1 piece)
6gHubba Bubba Max (1 piece)
9gPop Rocks (1 package)
10gM&M’s Fun Size Peanut Butter (1 pack)
10gSnickers Fun Size (1 bar)
10gWarHeads Snack Size (4 pieces)
11gM&M’s Fun Size Peanut (1 pack)
11gNerds (1 box – 12g)
11gTwix Fun Size (1 bar)
12gM&M’s Fun Size Caramel (1 pack)
12gMilky Way Fun Size (1 bar)
12gSmarties (2 rolls)
13gDum-Dums (2 pops)
13gSweeTarts (4 packs)
14gBottle Caps (5 pouches)
14gGobstopper (3 packs)
14gRing Pop (1 pop)
14gSkittles Snack Size (1 package)
15g100 Grand Fun Size (1 bar)
15gAtomic Fireballs (2 pieces)
15gHershey’s Milk Chocolate Miniatures (2 pieces)
15gLemonhead (2 pieces)
15gSpree (2 rolls)
15gTootsie Pops (1 pop)
16gAlmond Joy Miniatures (2 pieces)
16gCharms Blow Pop (1 pop)
16gJolly Rancher Lollipops (3 pieces)
16gReese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures (3 pieces)
17gCrunch Fun Size (2 bars)
17gHeath Bar Miniatures (4 pieces)
17gHeath Bar Snack Size (2 pieces)
17gHershey’s Cookies & Cream Miniatures (2 pieces)
17gJolly Rancher Hard Candy (3 pieces)
17gSnickers Minis (3 pieces)
18gAirHeads Pops (2 pops)
18gDots Mini Boxes (1 box/6 Dots)
18gMilk Duds Snack Size (2 boxes)
18gReese’s Peanut Butter Cup Snack Size (2 pieces)
18gReese’s Pieces Snack Size (2 pouches)
18gReese’s White Creme Peanut Butter Ghosts (2 pieces)
19gHershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses (7 pieces)
19gKit Kat Snack Size (2 packages)
19gM&M’s Fun Size Milk Chocolate (1 pack)
19gTwizzlers Cherry Pull’N Peel (2 pieces)
20gAlmond Joy Snack Size (2 pieces)
20gMounds Snack Size (2 pieces)
20gReese’s Take 5 Snack Size (2 pieces)
20gRolos (5 pieces)
20gTwix Minis (3 pieces)
20gWhoppers Fun Size (4 tubes)
21gPayday Fun Size (2 pieces)
21gPayday Snack Size (2 pieces)
21gTootsie Roll Juniors (3 juniors)
21gTwizzlers Strawberry (3 pieces)
22gKit Kat Miniatures (4 pieces)
22gYork Peppermint Pattie Pumpkin (2 pieces)
23g3 Musketeers Fun Size (2 bars)
23g3 Musketeers Minis (5 pieces)
23gLifesavers Gummies Snack Size (3 pieces)
23gTootsie Roll Midgees (5 pieces)
23gTootsie Roll Snack Bars (2 bars)
24gBaby Ruth Fun Size (2 bars)
24gKraft Caramels (4 pieces)
24gLaffy Taffy (3 bars)
24gMilky Way Minis (4 pieces)
24gReese’s Fast Break Snack Size (2 pieces)
24gStarburst Snack Size (6 pieces)
24gSugar Babies Snack Size (1 pouch)
25gButterfinger Fun Size (2 bars)
26gAirHeads Bites (6 bags )
26gAirHeads Xtremes Bites (2 bags)
27gGood & Plenty (25 pieces)
27gJolly Rancher Chews (7 pieces)
27gNow and Later (7 pieces)
27gSour Patch Kids Snack Size (2 bags)
27gSwedish Fish Snack Size (2 bags)
28gBit-O-Honey (5 pieces)
28gBrach’s Candy Corn (15 pieces)
28gHershey’s Krackel Miniatures (5 pieces)
29gHaribo Halloween Gummy Bears (3 mini bags)
30gBrach’s Halloween Candy Pumpkins (4 pieces)
33gAirHeads Mini Bars (3 bars)
33gCharleston Chew Snack Size (6 pieces)
34gPeep’s Ghosts/Cats/Pumpkins/Monsters (3 pieces)
Halloween Candy Carb List

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