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Review: Blaze Keto Crust

by Dee
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I’ve been a fan of Blaze Pizza since they came to our area a few years ago. Their format is similar to Subway or Chipotle: you choose a style of crust and toppings, they pop it in a wood-fired oven to cook while you wait. I hadn’t gone since starting keto a year ago.

When I heard they added a keto crust to their menu, I couldn’t wait to try it. Only 4 net carbs per slice! I love pizza and have only had the real thing once in the past year (the Fathead dough variations I tried just didn’t cut it). A fundraiser for my niece’s volleyball team provided the perfect opportunity.

Blaze FireOrdering was easy, and they didn’t bat an eye when I asked for the keto crust. I failed to look up nutritional info ahead of time, so I made the best topping choices I could on the fly: white cream sauce, shredded mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni, applewood bacon, onions and roasted garlic. Their topping selection is quite extensive, with many keto-friendly options.

How Does the Blaze Keto Crust Taste?

I brought the pizza home, and honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Something that tasted like cardboard, maybe? Surely it couldn’t be that bad — it was a menu item at a national restaurant chain! I knew the toppings would taste great, but would the crust hold up? Would it be soggy? Would it take away from the toppings?

It sure did look good:

Blaze Pizza

I cautiously took the first bite.

An “mmmmm” escaped from my mouth. It wasn’t just good, it was great. I took another bite: still great. Before I knew it, I had downed two slices.

My 15-year-old son asked to try it. To give you some perspective, he hates anything Keto. He loathes the word “keto” and moans every time I say it (I may have gone overboard gushing about this lifestyle with my family over the past year). I obliged. This would be the ultimate test.

His response? “Not Bad.” If you have a teenager, you know this means it’s pretty good. In fact, he even said he would eat it. That’s pretty impressive.

The pizza was so good I ended up eating the whole pie. I planned to save a few slices for a meal the next day, but couldn’t help myself. I hadn’t looked up the macros or calories, so I did this without knowing what I was eating. Taste won out for me on this one. I love yummy food.

How Do the Macros and Calories Measure Up?

Blaze Pizza has an awesome nutritional calculator that lets you add your selected crust, toppings and finishes. Here is what mine looked like:

I plugged this into MyFitnessPal to calculate the macro percentages (using net carbs). Unfortunately, it did not come close to Keto formulas:

Blaze Keto Crust Macros

I didn’t check my glucose levels after eating, but I was in ketosis the next morning, so it wasn’t enough to knock me out!

The ingredient list for the Blaze Keto Crust isn’t bad: Cauliflower Rice, Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese, Casein Protein, Flaxseed, Eggs, Whey Protein, Yeast, Spices, Cultured Brown Rice. All ingredients I recognize (and can pronounce!) The calculator also allows you to view the ingredients for each of the toppings so you can make educated decisions about those, too. For example, the Applewood Bacon has sugar. The shredded mozzarella has potato starch. A couple areas I could have saved a few carbs.

The Bottom Line on Blaze Pizza’s Keto Crust

Is this as good as a regular, full-carb pizza crust? Nope. It is very thin, with a milder flavor. Does it make a solid low-carb carrier for those delicious toppings? Yes it does!

I will definitely have this again. Given that I wasn’t able to limit myself to just a couple of slices (and the less-then-ideal macro count), I’ll likely reserve this pizza for the occasional indulgence.

If you have a Blaze Pizza near you, I highly recommend giving the Blaze Keto Crust a try. Please let me know your thoughts when you do!

If you don’t have a Blaze near you or want to make your own pizza, check out my Low Carb “Deep Dish” Pizza recipe.

Update 12/10/23: four years after I originally posted this article, I am still loving the Blaze Keto Crust and order from Blaze whenever that pizza craving hits!

Review: Blaze Keto Crust

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