Keto Diet Restaurant Guide

Keto Diet Restaurant Guide: Low Carb Options for Eating Out

by Dee

Navigating restaurant options while on a low carb diet can be challenging. Making healthy choices at home is tough; dining out adds a new layer of stress. William Laska and Stephanie Laska, MEd address this dilemma with the Keto Diet Restaurant Guide, a reference aiming to simplify eating out for those following a ketogenic or low carb lifestyle.

Drawing from years of personal experience (including a remarkable 140-pound weight loss), as well as thorough research, this book offers invaluable insights. Featuring a comprehensive list of over 60 restaurants and a user-friendly format, the authors equip you with all the tools necessary for successfully dining out.

Anatomy of the Guide: Unpacking the Features

The Keto Diet Restaurant Guide begins with a preface and introduction. The authors introduce themselves and the story behind the book’s origins. They use a friendly, informal writing style, and you really get the sense they’ve walked the talk. The following pages include dining out strategies, a glossary of ordering terms, and a list of potentially carb-heavy menu terms.

Then, we get to the heart of the guide: the restaurant profiles. Each profile lists all menu options containing 10 grams of net carbs or less. Each menu item specifies net carbs, calories, fat, and protein, alongside ordering details. Additionally, you’ll find special order tips and the authors’ personal favorites highlighted for your convenience.

Keto Diet Restaurant Guide list of restaurants

Finally, finding your favorite restaurant is a breeze with the index at the back of the book.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

The Keto Diet Restaurant Guide is impressive with it’s inclusion of over 60 restaurants. The guide provides solid, actionable advice on how to customize orders and identify carb-heavy menu terms.

However, it’s important to highlight some limitations of the guide. With restaurants constantly changing their menus, there might be discrepancies between the guide’s recommendations and the current menu items available. The guide omits total carbs from the nutrition facts, potentially leaving room for macro miscalculations which are crucial for maintaining ketosis.

Another potential drawback is the ever-growing diversity of restaurants. While the guide covers a wide array of popular dining chains, local and newly established eateries are not included. For low carb dieters residing outside densely populated regions where restaurant chains are prevalent, this may present a challenge.

However, by giving readers general guidelines for eating out, the guide does a great job of bridging this gap. It ensures users are equipped with strategies, even when venturing into unfamiliar dining territories.

I’d prefer if the font size throughout the guide were a bit bigger. Considering the extensive amount of data, however, I understand why it’s necessary!

Final Verdict

Whether it’s a business lunch, a family dinner, or a casual catch-up with friends, the Keto Diet Restaurant Guide guide aims to eliminate the stress and uncertainty that often comes with trying to maintain low carb boundaries in a restaurant environment. The guide allows you to browse low carb options at your own pace, without distractions. With a game plan in hand, you can sidestep temptations and fully enjoy your dining experience. All in all, this book is an excellent addition to your low carb arsenal!

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